Rules for 2015-16


  • NFHS rules apply unless specified otherwise here.
  • 28.5-inch ball must be used.
  • All games will be 8-minute, stop-time quarters. Three minutes at half-time. One minute between quarters.
  • Overtimes will be 3 minutes, stop-time. Starts with jump ball. One time-out per team. No time-outs carry over from regulation time.
  • 3 full (60-second) time-outs per game.
  • 1 additional time-out per overtime period -- no carryovers.
  • Players and coaches may call time-outs.
  • 1 and 1 on the 7th team foul/half; 2 shots on the 10th team foul/half.
  • All fouls carry over into overtime.
  • If a player gets a technical foul, it is counted as a personal foul and team foul.
  • Man-to-man defense only is allowed. Help and recover systems are legal. No half-court zones are allowed.
  • Double teaming the ball is allowed. Double teaming an individual player is not allowed.
  • No single-player isolation plays are allowed. If the referee identifies such a play, he will issue a warning. On the second and subsequent call, the referee will call a turnover on the team running the isolation play.


  • Each team must have a minimum of 10 players on the team roster.
  • No player can play for more than one team. A fourth grade player can play up; however, a fifth grade player cannot play down.
  • There are no minimum playing time rules. However, this is a development program and it is hoped that all players get playing time.


  • 4th grade division can press in the last three minutes of the second and fourth quarters and overtime.
  • 5th grade division can press in the last three minutes of the second quarter and last five minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime.
  • No team may press with a lead of 10 points or more.
  • Teams may utilize zone presses in the back court but must fall back into a man-to-man defense in the front court.


  • All players should have reversible jerseys to avoid conflicts with other towns with similar colors.
  • Numbers should be visible on the front and back.

 Cancellation Make-Up Procedure

  • Home team is responsible to contact away teams with makeup days/times. If the home team has problems with gym time, the away team can offer make-up dates.
  • Home team arranges referees with referee coordinator.
  • Both 4th and 5th grade games must be re-scheduled together to insure refs will be assigned. (If a single game is scheduled, the officials get an additional amount.)
  • If neither team can make up the game, report the problem to the league coordinator.


  • All teams make the playoffs.
  • Teams are seeded based on regular season finish.
  • Tie-breaker procedure is listed in league standings.
  • Highest seeds are home team. Games must be played in pairs and may be played on neutral courts. League coordinator will have final say in game sites.
  • Brackets are used in all playoffs. There is no re-seeding after any playoff round.

 League Motto

  • Coaches coach; players play; parents parent & referees referee.